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Thinking about your new tattoo? Whether you are a seasoned veteran when it comes to getting inked or you are considering your very first tattoo, you can trust that Rk's Tattoo Studio the right place to go. We are a collective of experienced and elite tattooists that offer a diverse range when it comes to style, position, shading and colour. We work with you to establish exactly how you want your tattoo to look and we offer advice, information and aftercare that is second-to-none. Our Tattoo Studio is open 7 days a week and we are happy for you to call in and have a chat. Why wait? Talk to us today to make your tattoo vision a reality.
Mukesh is one of the known tattooist who works hard to provide the best service to the clients. He is capable of turning any image into a tattoo by his skills. The artists specializes in realistic portraits tattoos, photo realistic color tattoos, old as well as new school tattoos, dot work tattoos, script one and black and grey tattoos too.

RK’s Tattoo Studio (Ink Xposure) has been providing safe, clean and hygienic tattooing since 2011 and people are really happy with the service. The artists at the studio tries to give 100% to each and every one. Even the smallest tattoos get full attention and care. Mukesh makes sure that every client is satisfied whether it’s a small tattoo artwork or a full back tattoo work. The determination with which the work is delivered is commendable. if planning to get a tattoo done, Rk’s Ink Xposure is Goa’s premier studio where the positive and inviting environment will give you the best tattoo making experience.

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