Realism tattoo by Rk’s Tattoo Studio Goa

Realism tattoo by Rk’s Tattoo Studio Goa are an art style that results in tattoos that are like a photograph or a real-life 3D object.

This is a finely tuned art style that takes an epic amount of practice. Photorealism tattoos are great for doing portraits of people or animals, close-ups, detailed features, and eye-popping imagery. Realism and portrait tattoos are one of the fastest-growing and highest-demand tattoo styles. In the world of tattooing, realism is one of the most popular styles. Realism tattoos are characterized by their lifelike appearance, often featuring detailed portraits or scenes. Realism tattoos can be further divided into two sub-styles: hyper realism and photo realism. Hyper realism tattoos are extremely detailed, often incorporating multiple colors and shading to create a realistic effect. photo realism tattoos, on the other hand, utilize black and gray inks to create a more subtle realism tattoo styles.

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